Lectures & Workshops

Community Outreach Presentations will provide cultural diversity and acculturation presentations and engage community audiences in a dialogue about Chaldean heritage. The Chaldean Cultural Center will also offer a series of slide presentations, lectures, and other cultural activities to engage the larger community. The Center will produce periodic publications of events and cultural news.


It will also create and maintain a comprehensive website to reach out to visitors nationally and internationally. It is hoped that the collaboration between the community and the Chaldean Cultural Center will generate important awareness of cultural diversity and appreciation for the history and culture of the Chaldeans.


The Chaldean language is the vernacular of Aramaic, one of the world’s most ancient languages.


Specialized tours of the Chaldean Cultural Center will be conducted for academic institutions and other community groups. An experienced Chaldean Cultural Center representative will provide group visitors with an in-depth, enlightening and educational exploration of Chaldean and Mesopotamian culture, history, arts, traditions and customs. Artists, historians, interns and education department staff will use interactive approaches in the presentation of tours, inviting visitor involvement in understanding artifacts and art objects on display


Hands-on interactive workshops in which part of the Chaldean culture will be demonstrated and taught to youth and adults, specific to Chaldean dance, culinary arts, embroidery, and doll-making, etc., will be a special focus of the Chaldean Cultural Center.


The Chaldean Cultural Center will also offer programs to youth and adults that will enhance an awareness of cultural diversity and appreciation of Chaldean history and culture. Programs will be linked to exhibitions and provide access to our resources for the artistic, educational and cultural needs of the Chaldean American community and to increase non-Chaldeans’ interest in Chaldean American culture.


Our belief is that these offerings will facilitate an awareness of cultural diversity to the general public and for the Chaldean-American, be a process of self-discovery and deepened sense of identity and cultural pride. This will result in a new vision for succeeding Chaldean generations who will hopefully advance the awareness and appreciation of the rich and diverse expressions of Chaldean culture.