By developing and building an engaging, enlightening exhibition, we are creating a very special resource for students, families, and all people eager to learn. This will become a place for Chaldeans and visitors of every background to share their stories and experiences — to celebrate those qualities and traditions that distinguish each of us… and that unite all of us.

A Resource For All Of Us

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We invite you to become part of the Center and its exhibition. Donations large and small can help us to realize what has become an important dream for Chaldean Americans while adding our distinct voice to the rich cultural choir of the United States.

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Stately cedar doors will mark the entrance to the exhibition, imparting a sense of dignity, wonder, and timelessness. The entry is a modern counterpart to the great portals that were the traditional gateways to ancient walled cities.

Just outside the doors, at the start of the visitor’s voyage, a wall of honor will thank donors like you whose generosity made the exhibition possible. This place of distinction is also a particularly apt place to laud the Chaldean-American pioneers, a wonderful way to pay tribute to those who laid the foundations of this thriving community.