The Chaldean Cultural Center

a portrait of a people

Our Mission

The Chaldean Cultural Center celebrates and explores the extraordinary history, arts, traditions, and contributions of the Chaldean people from ancient times to the present, serving as a repository for our collected history and stories. By forging relationships with other educational and cultural institutions, the CCC not only nurtures pride within the Chaldean community, but also promotes greater understanding among communities as part of cultural diversity.

Our Center

The Center paints a portrait of a people, exploring the history that shaped us, the faith that sustains us, and the lives we lead today. At its heart is an exhibition that takes visitors from the court of Nebuchadnezzar to an immigrant grocery store in Detroit and beyond. Multimedia presentations, sophisticated hands-on activities, artifacts both ancient and modern, and evocative environments will tell a distinctive, engaging, and powerful story.


Suggested Donation to Museum:

$5 Per Person
$15 Per Family
School Groups: $3 Per Student

  • The Chaldean Cultural Center is seeking artifacts to display in our museum. If you have any items from Iraq that are “authentically Chaldean”, such as clothing, cooking utensils, farming tools, textiles (table cloths, bedding), etc. please consider donating them to the Cultural Center.
  • We are also looking for other items such as: passenger tickets, passports, naturalization papers, etc.
  • Please call (248) 681-5050 for further information.
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Chaldeans in America: Our Story